Certified Intuitive
Eating Counselor +
Anti-Diet Nutritionist


cultivate the relationship to food that you want by letting go of constant dieting

you'll find yourself enjoying food more, while thinking about it less

Hi, I'm Michelle,

a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and Anti-Diet Nutritionist (CNP) from Hamilton.

I work with people who are sick of restrictive dieting but unsure how to trust themselves around food without it.

Folks who are ready to develop the skills to tune into what their body needs with ease and pleasure.

Because finding our own flow with foods creates a far more indulgent and thriving life.

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Feel empowered on your anti-diet journey while being nourished by a community of people who get it

No Bad Foods is a virtual space for
group coaching, self-paced learning + supportive connection.

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(re)become an Intuitive Eater.

Eating whatever you want whenever you want it can sound like a recipe for spinning out of control. Especially when we've been told that our health comes from trying to stay away from eating certain foods.

But you can get to a place where:

  • your eating patterns aren't dependant on what foods you do or don't allow in your house
  • you notice more specific hunger cues, and are able to stop eating when you feel comfortably full and satisfied
  •  you feel nourished, energized, and have the mental space to think about more than all food, all the time

  • you forget what it's like to feel guilty for eating the foods you enjoy and can now stock your freezer with ice cream without binging on it

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Anti-Diet Workshop Series

For when you want to take your time learning some of the foundational concepts around diet culture, Intuitive Eating and anti-diet work.

The Anti-Diet Workshop Series is a great place to start dismantling the harm of diet culture in your life. So if you're curious about this work but are feeling a little overwhelmed, this is the place for you.

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“The impact of coming to our meetings last year is really still hanging around and evolving in my life.

Thank you so so much Michelle for your passion and knowledge and ability to hold space so expertly and compassionately. My food feelings are soo different to this time last year and I feel very healed! 

And want to acknowledge you cause you kick started my journey of healing. I feel soooo free and clear. Anyway I just wanted to drop in to say hellooo and that I think of you often as a very prominent figure in my healing journey!” 

-- Daisy, Sydney Australia

(after the Anti-Diet Workshop Series)

ready to enjoy food more
while thinking about it less?

1:1 Support

Meet with Michelle through a secure video call to gain tangible tools, knowledge and support to find a relationship to food and your body that feels breezier. We’ll work together to discover how food can be a more joyful, less stressful part of your life; every. single. day

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Group Coaching

With live (virtual!) meets every week, the No Bad Foods Membership is for those looking to gain momentum, support and community on their anti-diet journey. Uncover the shifts that are possible when you have a regular space to talk about the funky food stuff!

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Self-Paced Workshops

The Anti-Diet Workshop Series contains 4 do-at-your-own-pace workshops + an 8 page workbook, with optional 1:1 support. So when you're ready to stop upholding diet culture and need a place to really dive into the information to fire you up, start here!

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Do you want to organize your weekly meals, waste less food, and staying committed to your anti-diet journey?

Then this freebie is for you.

Download my favourite-ever meal prepping template ~THINGS TO EAT~ below!

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