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I’m Michelle (she/her) - a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, Anti-Diet Nutritionist (CNP), and Mindful Movement Instructor from Hamilton.

When I started my practice I quickly realized that in the pursuit of feeling good in our bodies, we can often feel guilt and shame that we’re not doing enough, or we’re not eating the right things. And as someone who loves to eat pizza (on my couch at 8pm while watching a movie) I knew I wanted to bring that kind of joy and freedom into my practice.

Because food freedom is health.

So I took my knowledge in nutrition a step further by enrolling in Evelyn Tribole’s Intuitive Eating Intensive, where I found a truer meaning of what it is to be well. The research on Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size (HAES) over dieting in relation to health (and happiness) is plentiful and highly empowering if you - like me - would rather enjoy pizza *guilt free* that isn’t made from cauliflower.


I believe in focusing on markers of health that have nothing to do with the size of our bodies or how many kale salads we eat - but rather inviting ourselves to eat all of the foods that make us feel joyous, energetic and connected.


Feel like moving?

I know a great spot.

Join me for virtual movement classes via GOODBODYFEEL

"GOODBODYFEEL dances at the intersection of mindful movement and social justice - self-care for community care. We set out to create experiences that remind people of their own agency and their worth. Through the use of considerate language, accessible sequencing and radical acceptance, we hope to inspire feelings of belonging and empowerment."

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