enjoy food more while thinking about it less

confidently leave dieting behind once and for all

by figuring out what food freedom looks like, for you.

Working 1:1 means using the principles of Intuitive Eating to help you gain the confidence to make guilt free choices about food.

Leave diet culture behind as you make room for more things in life that you enjoy, without feeling held back by harmful beliefs about food and your body.

Gain the tools to figure out how amazing your relationship to food and your body can be through an Intuitive Eating + weight-inclusive approach.

Ready to do this?


Maybe you want to:

  • Work on your own relationship to food so you can confidently raise Intuitive Eaters
  • Create more space in your life (and your mind!) to do the things you want to do
  • Eat nourishing, nutrient dense foods more consistently
  • Make food feel easier than it does right now

During our Alignment Appointment we will make a plan, timeline and set goals to get you started in a way that feels within your capacity.

“Michelle has been such a comfort and warmth during this pandemic. From my first interaction with her, Michelle made me feel supported in my journey with food. If you're on the hunt for a compassionate, talented nutritionist and intuitive eating counselor, your search is over.”

- Jess, Toronto

start making real changes with 1:1 coaching

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In my work I use the principles of Intuitive Eating as a framework for gentle nutrition to build off of. We’ll work together to discover how food can be a more joyful, less stressful part of your life - every. single. day.

Intuitive eating is about eating the foods YOU want to eat, without ‘balance’, ‘moderation’ or ‘portion control’, but instead cultivating neutrality with foods so that you can make choices that feel best to you. Using structured tools and support will make this approach sustainable in the long-term.

  • Eat the way you want to eat, without strict dieting
  • Learn how to let go of the shame and guilt attached certain foods
  • Understand your body's cues (and how to honour them!)

Feeling our best + learning to be confidently shame-free about food choices can involve more than we might think, and that's why I'm a very very proud collaborator with the incredible team of therapists at CCP, here in Hamilton.

Hi, I'm Michelle

Lover of things like pickles, pizza, running, wading in bodies of water, watching Survivor, knitting, and my dog Milo.

I am also super passionate about debunking dieting advice and supporting others in improving their relationship to food so that LIFE can be oh so much sweeter.


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